Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke

What is it?

If you were diagnosed with cancer or suffered a heart attack or stroke, the last thing you would want to worry about is your finances. GTL’s Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Insurance helps you receive the financial peace of mind that allows you to focus on what matters most – your recovery.

How does it work?

A lump-sum benefit amount is paid directly to you regardless of any other health care coverage you may have upon the diagnosis of cancer or if you suffer a heart attack or stroke. Benefit amounts are flexible and can range up to $50,000 for cancer and $50,000 for heart attack and stroke, depending on your specific needs.

Why do I need it?

53% of the costs associated with cancer are non-medical, indirect costs. [5] Cash benefits from your policy can be used to help supplement lost income for you and your spouse, to pay for car and mortgage expenses and travel to and from medical facilities. It will also allow you to seek treatment that is out of network or not covered without worrying about costs.

Quick Stats

2 Things to Know


GTL’s Cancer coverage is unique in that you’ll receive an additional experimental treatment benefit of 25% of your chosen lump sum amount should you undergo a qualifying experimental treatment while being treated for cancer.


After you receive your lump sum payment, your benefits are eligible to restore with GTL’s Recurrence Benefit rider.

What can the lump sum benefit help pay?

  • Medical Co-Payments and Deductibles
  • Pay for Experimental Treatments and Surgeries
  • Supplement Lost Income
  • Travel Expenses to Medical Facilities

**This product and its features are subject to state availability and may vary by state. Certain exclusions and limitations may apply. For cost and complete details of coverage, please contact us or your agent. Please call the Life and Health Sales Department at 1-800-323-6907 for complete details. Click here to view product disclosures and statistic sources.

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