GTL Life Select

What is it?

GTL Life Select is a unique alternative to traditional life insurance that provides life insurance benefits while you're alive and pays benefits to help offset funeral expenses when you pass away. The financial impact of living with chronic illness can be devastating. With GTL Life Select, cash benefits from your policy's accelerated death benefits can help you pay for out of pocket medical expenses, at home care, or the high costs of a nursing home. In addition, support services from Home Care Genie (HCG) Secure provides access to a family care support network and discounted care coordination services to assist you and your family with your care.

How does it work?

GTL Life Select provides graded death benefits ranging from $10,000 to $150,000, with living benefits available for Chronic and Terminal Illnesses. To help offset final expenses, 10% of the face amount is reserved. With support services from HCG Secure and Wellthy, care coordinators are available to help find in-home care for yourself or a loved one.

Why do I need it?

The combination of a GTL whole life insurance policy, plus planning and support services provided by HCG Secure will help provide you with the confidence, financial resources, and additional support to help you age comfortably on your own terms. Find reassurance and ease the financial burden by utilizing the accelerated death benefits, which can provide cash benefits to assist with extra expenses to ensure you receive the necessary care.

Who is HCG Secure?

Home Care Genie (HCG) Secure offers support during times of need. With GTL's partnership with HCG Secure, you have access to a family care support network of discounted care coordination services to assist you and your family in navigating the complexities of your care. HCG secure is partnered with Wellthy, a healthcare concierge service resource. Wellthy's care support network can connect you and your family to a dedicated Care Coordinator to help with the logistical and administrative tasks of caring for your loved ones.

3 Things to Know


Living benefits available for chronic and terminal illnesses.


10% of your policy’s face amount will be payable to your named beneficiary which can be used to cover final expenses.


Support services to help you find, schedule and manage a care team for you and your loved ones as well as tools and guidance to create an informed plan for aging.

**This product and its features are subject to state availability and may vary by state. Certain exclusions and limitations may apply. For cost and complete details of coverage, please contact us or your agent. Please call the Life and Health Sales Department at 1-800-323-6907 for complete details. Click here to view product disclosures and statistic sources.

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