Short-Term Home Health Care Insurance

What is it?

GTL's Short-Term Home Health Care Insurance can help you cover deductibles and co-payments for home health care services. It also includes a Short-Term Home Health Care Aide Benefit, a Prescription Drug Benefit and a great set of riders for you to choose from.

How does it work?

GTL's Short-Term Home Health Care Insurance will pay a daily benefit for each day you receive a variety home health care services. Daily benefit amounts will vary by plan selected (maximum benefit period is 360 days). To qualify for benefits, a Licensed Health Care Practitioner must certify you as having a Cognitive Impairment or the inability to perform at least two (2) of six (6) Activities of Daily Living without substantial assistance (bathing, continence, dressing, eating, toileting and transferring).

Why do I need it?

Because, like most Americans, you would prefer to recuperate at home. Benefits are paid directly to you to help cover deductibles and co-payments, regardless of any other insurance you may have. To collect the Short-Term Home Health Care benefits, a prior hospitalization stay is not required. You can even combine your Short-Term Home Health Care Benefits with coverage for hospital stays and accidents to enhance your coverage!

3 Things to Know


You can choose a daily benefit amount of $40/day for Plan A, $80/day for Plan B or $120/day for Plan C.


GTL will pay a benefit amount of $10 for each generic or $25 for each brand name prescription drug up to a policy year maximum of $300 for Plan A, $600 for Plan B or $600 for Plan C.


Benefits restore if covered home health care services have not been received for 180 consecutive days AND a Licensed Health Care Practitioner has certified that you have sufficiently recovered to no longer require home health care or nursing care services.

What riders can I add to my coverage?

  • Easy Issue Accident and Sickness Hospitalization Rider
  • Critical Accident Rider
  • Ambulance Benefit Rider
  • Return of Premium Rider
  • Dental / Vision Rider

**This product and its features are subject to state availability and may vary by state. Certain exclusions and limitations may apply. For cost and complete details of coverage, please contact us or your agent. Please call the Life and Health Sales Department at 1-800-323-6907 for complete details. Click here to view product disclosures and statistic sources.

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